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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Update on the fridge.

Well, We are finally down to one fridge around here, And have I got a story to tell:
Our old fridge had a water dispenser that has connected to the plumbing system by a copper pipe, And so when the guy came around with the new fridge he informed us that he was not allowed to take the old fridge because it was hooked up to the plumbing and he is not allowed to unhook it, He put our new fridge in the kitchen [as i'm sure you saw] and left, When my dad came home a few hours later and took steps to solve the problem, The first step was to turn off the water to our house, The next step was to disconnect the old fridge from the pipe and cap it off, A process that required a trip to the hardware store, He came back with a cap that turned out to be the wrong size and had to go back, He made a second trip and came back with another one that did not fit and went back a third time, Upon arrival he tried to find an employee to help him and as a result he got a promise that someone was coming but no one showed up, He finally tracked someone down only to find out that they were busy, My dad then gave up and went home to call a plumbing supply store, It was closed. In the end he got the cap but the story does not end here, When the guys come to take the old fridge away they break off a section of pipe that was in the way and it sprayed water all over the older of the two, As they removed the old fridge it leaked a trail of filthy water all over the floor and the pipe kept leaking for the next 12 hours.
Even by my standards the whole thing was quite weird.

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